Mineral Parameter Database

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This database contains the hyperfine parameters of a number of different iron minerals typically investigated in Environmental sciences. To use the search function, simply start typing in a mineral (e.g. hematite) or mineral class (e.g. phyllosilicate) into the wide search boxes below. Alternatively you can search for hyperfine parameters either individually by typing in a value and pressing the small magnifying glass. Alternatively, if you want to search for multiple parameters type in values into all hyperfine parameter boxes and press "Search all".

The phases are defined by their type which is either Synthetic (S), Environmental (E), Biogenic (B) or Unknown (U). You can refine your search by type by using the checkboxes underneath the hyperfine parameter search boxes.

Sample = sample name; Class = Assigned according to the Dana classification method; OS = oxidation state; T = temperature; δ = isomer (chemical) shift ΔEQ = quadrupole splitting; ε = quadrupole shift (only applies for sextets); Bhf = Hyperfine magnetic field; Site(Total) = Indicates which site is identified and the total number of sites present in the mineral phase (i.e. if the value is 1(2) then this phase is just 1 of 2 sites, both of which should be identified for a reliable agreement of phase identity); Model = type of fitting model used. Can either be Lorentzian, Voight, extended Voigt or unknown; Reference = direct URL to the source of the parameters.


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