Mossbauer database

What is Mosstool?

At Mosstool we believe the way that scientists work with data is changing. Our mission is to create new online tools that give you the power to analyse your data anywhere you want and share those results with colleagues and collaborators in real time. Through browser fitting, databases and learning tutorials we want to make interpreting your results easier than ever.

Make sure to come back again soon or if you have any suggestions feel free to get in touch:


The visualizer is what really excites us at Mosstool, and makes us so different from any other data analysis website. Here you can load your own data and compare it with mathematical models or with reference spectra published in international journals.

At the moment the visualizer page is basic and the functionality is limited, but in the coming months we will be adding more reference spectra and some exciting new capabilities like the opportunity to fit your data. If you have a spectrum you would like to be included, then get in touch and we will see how it can be incorporated.


If you have already fitted your data and want to compare your results to others, we have prepared a database containing the hyperfine parameters of 100's of spectra. Either look up a mineral, or enter your parameters in the search parameters provided. Refine your results by sample type or measurement temperature.

At the moment we are adding to these records one at a time, so please be patient while we verify that only the most accurate results are available. If you have a database or results you want to add then feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.


Learning a new technique is always hard and we want to make the learning curve more gradual. Through tutorials ranging from basic aspects like sample preparation, to more complicated problems like data intepretation, we want to help you to grow in confidence at your own pace.

We are always on the lookout for new suggestions for tutorials, so if you have an idea or would like to write something for yourself please get in contact.

Who are we?

James Byrne

As a scientist specializing in the formation of iron minerals by bacteria, I use a range of different analytical techniques to understand how natural processes can be used to explain the world around us. I routinely apply methods including Mössbauer spectroscopy which I have been working with for over 10 years. I founded Mosstool as a hobby to help me better understand how the Mössbauer effect works. Now it has started to take a mind of its own and I am very excited about how we can develop it in the future! Read more

Micheł Sitko

I work on a daily basis as a Backend Software Developer. Interested in functional programming and distributed systems. Inspired by Bret Victor's talks to focus on tooling for scientists. I am working on Mosstool as lead developer and technical advisor.

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